Carlina Madrid

Carolina fell in love with Southeast Asia when she embarked on her Mtrek to Vietnam as an MBA1. She found love in a hopeless place (garbage water in Halong Bay to be exact) with her bestie Jessie Babe and bonded through their sarcastic sense of humor and love of undeserved rice and chili paste. Upon getting friendship rings at an oyster farm, they vowed then and there to lead the most epic trek back to Asia for a chosen group of MBA1s in their second year. A former engineer, Carolina came to Ross looking to up her street cred and pivot into a consulting career, and will be spending the summer figuring out what kind of hot mess she’s gotten herself into. During her free time, she can be found running aimlessly around Ann Arbor or partaking in the literal hot mess that is Bikram yoga. Come nighttime though, let’s be real: it’s STR (Straight to Rick’s) for this girl. Coffee fuels her existence, so if you catch her before she’s had her first cup of the day, you might be disappointed with the caliber of interaction (fair warning). Beyond all of this, her favorite part of traveling is exploring what the local food scene has to offer, so count on her to engage in any and all of your dining desires while abroad.