Carly Kadlec

Most likely to schedule a group hike/ATV/sail that starts at 5am but she promises everyone will have a good time (It will be fun, I promise). Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, since leaving Illinois Carly has lived in 4 different states that start with the letter M: Missouri, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Michigan. She loves fun facts, trivia, swimming in any and all bodies of water, and coffee. Carly worked in the coffee industry for 8 years before returning to Ross as an Erber (joint degree MBA/MS with the School for Environment). This summer she will be working with an ag tech startup in Mexico City. You can count on Carly to find all the best coffee shops in Saigon, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh! Always down for a wildlife adventure, Carly and fellow leader Will stayed extra time in South Africa last year to go White Shark cage diving. Let’s Pho-king gooooo!