Caroline “Airport Steak” Garvey

Perhaps the hardest person to describe at Ross, Charlie Garvey will make you fall in love at first sight. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, and a Stanford grad, this former Halo Top product manager actually convinced people that ice cream was good for them. Just think about what she can do with your resume! Despite all the excellent food we’re gonna eat during the trip, Caroline will probably still order a steak in the airport like she did last year in Ibiza. Wasn’t weird at all… We still love her though! This West Coaster can party with the best of em and does it all in the chicest athleisure. If you hit it off well with her, she’ll send you a random text invite to play virtual beer pong on an app that you definitely don’t have the data for. One of the top consumers of Taco Bell in southeastern Michigan, Garvey will keep the vibe going all trip long.