Caroline Flood

Hailing from the land of deep dish, Derrick Rose, and bottomless brunch, Caroline left the brutal Chicago winters to migrate four-hours away to the brutal winters in Ann Arbor. She did manage to escape Illinois for four undergrad years in Atlanta where she set Emory women’s basketball records for consecutive free throws made, torn ACLs, and, ironically, both the best and worst vertical jump (one of those was before the torn ACLs…your guess which). A former Brand Manager at MillerCoors who somehow convinced us to follow her on several wine tours through Chile before Ross, Caroline is our resident hydration expert. Just as comfortable with a dry red as she is with an ice cold draft, Caroline will dance the night away before charming your parents over breakfast the next morning. Voted most likely to be our trip Grandma, she will spoil you then join you for whatever debauchery you can’t tell Marcus and Gillian about. Talk to Caroline if you’re interested in Disney movies, US History, or tall Argentinian men. Caroline is always there when you need a friend and is eager to show you the best trip of your life!