Caroline “Mills” Casey

Despite being one of 100 Carolines, Caseys, or combination of the two in our class, *our* Caroline sets herself apart by pronouncing her name incorrectly, going by Mills, and being a general badass. After running the reinsurance game in SF (don’t even ask us what this means), Mills will be doing Financial Services consulting in Chicago this summer. Packing a lot of punch into her 5’2” frame, Mills will lead our trek on logistics, romantic walks home from the bar, and Rosé consumption. A Bay Area native, Mills feels right at home in the sand and sun of the Adriatic. She goes from zero to 100 (real quick) when she steps foot on a boat – bonus if aforementioned Rosé is present. Although she is still trying to master the art of swimming and drinking simultaneously, we have no doubt that she will make great strides during our Eurotrip Round Two. She loves tequila, hates chocolate, and is guaranteed to be the life of the party any day or night.