Carrie Boyle

Carrie hails from a town in Virginia so small and cute that it has its own theme song (which everyone sings together at the town’s annual talent show – this is true). She took a roundabout route to business school, considering becoming a counselor and a minister before deciding it was more fun to psychoanalyze MBA students. Before Ross, she worked at a nonprofit legal clinic and a venture philanthropy fund, and this summer she’ll be at the Kresge Foundation outside Detroit.


Carrie is a reckless optimist and is obsessed with building positive, inclusive teams. She hates small talk and will absolutely try to understand your whole life story within seven to ten minutes of meeting you. She is also very clumsy and is the optimal #instagramboyfriend for all your waterfall-rappelling photos, because she’s damn sure not jumping herself. Ask her about: Myers-Briggs and any and all personality tests, finding the fanciest furniture on Free Craigslist, the best dog Instagrams (@TikaTheIggy – the first one is for free), how to train yourself to like IPAs, living in a co-op, and being true to yourself in the hot mess of life as an MBA1.