Catherine “Kevin Bacon” Mullin

Every trek has a resident treehugger, but ours is by far the coolest.  Enter Catherine “Kevin Bacon” Mullin.  Prior to Ross, this Colby-grad called Wall Street home. Literally, she never left Goldman.  After five long years running Wall Street, she decided it was time to chase another type of green.  Dedicated to all things sustainable, you can always catch her sipping water from her Swell.  Or is it wine? She’ll never tell.  When she isn’t planning her next adventure with the Mullin clan, Catherine can be found in a karaoke bar belting her rendition of “Footloose.” And if there is a costume competition, watch out trekkies.  Not only will her fit be on point, it will also be made of recyclable materials.  In all seriousness, Catherine has a heart of gold and can’t wait to navigate her second and third years at Ross with you.