Charlie Lee

Hailing from Korea, Charlie likes to get crazy from time to time. During her backpacking trip to India, she was baptized in the River Ganges by a Hindu monk. She enjoyed that so much that she immediately found a job in India and spent all her payroll traveling across the country and exploring the lovely local dresses – which will come in handy for the Diwali party!! Also, one could say you need serious guts to jump in her car. Even though she had never driven before Ross, the first thing she did after landing in AA was buy a car from Craigslist! Overcoming the driving phobia was on her MBA bucket list (soon after getting a job we think). Charlie has never watched football game at the Michigan stadium, but you will see her roaming around at the tailgate before and after the games, holding a bottle of red wine in hand (#Classy).

Nevertheless, she has successfully survived six years in the third oldest, notoriously conservative Korean firm (She only gets crazy when out of her home country). Having worked as a marketer landed her bragging rights in PowerPoint and a summer internship in marketing. Now as a president of Korean Business Club, she is trying to coordinate a K-pop night for the upcoming year (!!!!) Over this summer, she will be working out hard enough to get the most of Brazilian booze and have fun with all of you!