Charlotte Ehrlich

In comes Charlotte, ageless beauty and elegant consultant from DC, here to collect and consume your [alcoholic] spirits. As the Goddess of “proper turn-up”, and with her interest for healthcare, Charlotte is the best equipped to calculate your drinking tolerance and push it to (over) the limit. This Valkyrian beauty is perhaps the epitome of the “looks can be deceiving” catchphrase. Despite her athletic body and “innocent” persona, make no mistake about it, this “Char-Attack” will drink you under the table and then steal your clothes (literally) simply because she can. Most likely to be the last one standing at the club, you will instantly become vulnerable to her shenanigans when caught in her (Smirnoff) icy grip en route to the abyss of the Fun-derworld. Between her killer smile and tasteful, chic, noir robes, you may feel safe…but know that your sober demise is imminent – “for in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except Char’s legendary turn-ups, and taxes.”