Chase Zheng

Don’t let the angelic photo of Chase fool you – in reality, he is seriously one of the craziest people that any of us have met. He’ll greet you with a double cheek kiss and a few too many hugs before immediately making fun of you for something that doesn’t even make sense. He is an experimental “chef” in the kitchen, where one of his favorite dishes is peanut butter egg sandwiches – so we arranged the Bo Kaap cooking class on this trip just for him. Chase dances so aggressively at Skeeps that everyone wishes he had his own dancing stage. When asked to describe himself, Chase responded with a  “unicorn in the real world”, which confused everyone around him. Chase likes to think of himself as glamorous, which is why he used to work for Christian Dior and spends most of his spare time working out and posing shirtless in an attempt to become Instafamous. In fact, he loves Instagram so much that he will spend his summer at a startup in Israel doing data-driven digital marketing for fashion brands.