Cherish Anderson

Cherish from Chicago, loves to salsa dance and shop. Fair warning, don’t ask her to go shopping with you unless you want to be blamed for her spending–yep, she’s one of those. It’s important to note that although her blame game is strong, she can give you killer fashion advice–cheers to that. Prior to Ross, Cherish worked as an Engineer; but, she’s trading in her hard hat for a sweet and savory career–she loves to eat, so why not become a marketer in the food industry? Having lived in 3 states and 4 cities in the midwest, Cherish also aspires to become a Midwest tour guide.

On MTrek you will find me: Shopping (of course), dutty wining on the dance floor, trying out local food, and helping you find the best angle for your vacation photoshoot.

If I were a drink I would be: Spicy pineapple moscow mule because, like me, it is sweet and spicy at the same da%$ time. I meant to type dang–lol, right.

Day drinking or night drinking: Day drinking + 3 Hour Nap + Night drinking = Heaven

Fun fact: Do not let Cherish fool you because she’s a tough gal, having completed two Tough Mudders. You have to be tough to complete the Tough Mudder right? Well technically…nevermind.