Chris and Allie


On MTrek you’ll findme: laughing uncontrollably loud, showing off my oh-so- Amazing dance moves (I hope you don’t embarrass easy), honing my spear fishing skills in San Blas (you’ll thank me when you have the freshest of dinners), and pretty much any other activity that requires you to move your feet. If you want to do something, I’m there with you.

If I were a drink I’d be: Corona because I’m miles away from ordinary

Day drinking vs. night drinking: Day Drinking – Nothing says vacation like popping a top ocean side while the sun is coming up. Hey, it’s5 o’clock somewhere!

How my partner would describe me: Like a Golden Retriever. Happy, loyal, and always ready to play.


On MTrek you’ll find me: dancing with my hands in the air (like I just don’t care), singing Taylor Swift randomly throughout the day, yelling “Geronimo!” while zip lining through the rainforests and trying not to embarrass the group (too much).

If I were a drink I’d be: Coors Light because I just like saying “Keurs Light!” in my Texas accent.

Day drinking vs. night drinking: How early is too early for day drinking?! I guess that’s why they invented mimosas.

How my partner would describe me: As a Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond) apprentice because I love to cook all of her meals. Pioneer Woman is the best!