Chris and Jess


On MTrek you’ll find me: Having somehow convinced you to have one more drink, play one more game or go to one more bar, now we are having a heart to heart at 6 am watching the sun rise over the Caribbean Sea.

If I were a drink I’d be: Stawberry Daiquiri. Nice and sweet but too much will give you a headache and make your teeth hurt.

Day drinking vs. night drinking: Day drinking – makes all adventures a little wilder and funnier.

How my partner would describe me… one word: trouble.


“On MTrek you’ll find me: Trying to fit as much as possible into every single day. I’m obsessed with culture, history, fun and travelling. Come find me if you need an extra body for anything: let’s hit the pavement/trail/zip-line hard for week 1 then let the hours melt away in the San Blas islands.

If I were a drink I’d be: Old Fashioned. I’m old and full of bitters. Official drink of the player hater’s ball.

Day drinking vs. night drinking: A.M. Options: a pitcher and a crossword or a breakfast funnel. P.M. Options: midnight cocktails or team drinking games. Life is about compromises, except in this case – don’t let a clock hold you back.

How my partner would describe me: “Not nearly as sober as he appears.”