Chris Demundo and Maureen McHugh



Hometown: Wurtsboro, NY
Favorite Band/Artist: Dave Matthews Band
Favorite Movie: Tropic Thunder
Favorite Book: Anything that isn’t a coursepack
Why you want to hang out with me: I’ll likely convince you to stay up with Devan and I until 5am because you can just sleep on the bus at 7am and exploring a foreign city is way cooler than sleeping.
Weirdest Quirk about my partner: She can hear “”wheel of fortunes”” at street festivals from approximately a half-mile away.  I’ve won a lot of free t-shirts.
Hidden Talent: I’m oddly good at finding friendly cats in foreign countries.
Perfect MTrek Day: Up early, delicious breakfast, city tour, delicious lunch, wandering the city/activity, even more delicious dinner, beer until way too late in a local bar.  Mix in hiking/beach sporadically.
Favorite thing about Ross: The people and the amazing cell service throughout the entire building.


Hometown: Chicago burbs
Favorite Band/Artist: There is not enough room to list all of the 90s alternative bands
Favorite Movie: Sister Act 2
Favorite Book: Currently, The Radium Girls. But it changes with the wind.
Why you want to hang out with me: I’ll try almost anything once… or twice or three times if this thing is dessert. You can count on me to find the best gelato stand/pastry shop/‘insert local specialty here’ in town.
Weirdest Quirk about my partner: A strange fondness for cats. I can promise he will be chasing down strays in Morocco.
Hidden Talent: Bargain hunting (but don’t ask me to haggle)
Perfect MTrek Day: A morning hike in a beautiful location, then cooling down with some ice cream and shopping for locally made goods. Breaking for a late lunch (at a winery?!) and gelato followed by a siesta to re-energize for the night ahead. Tapas dinner and drinks at an outdoor restaurant before hitting the bar scene, where we miraculously stumble upon a cover band playing 90s pop in accented English – we scream sing along until the bar closes. Drunk food. And closing with more ice cream.
Favorite thing about Ross: The partner community
Anything else? MTrek is awesome.