Chris “Hella Hyphy” Nguyen

When Chris takes a break from talking about how cool California is, he’s legit the funniest person at Ross. We love Chris because he’s the personification of chill vibes, a good laugh, and 3am bar crawls. But there’s so much more to his laid-back attitude and cheery smile: Chris is incredibly thoughtful and passionate about documentary film-making and social impact, and he plans to use both those skills to help social entrepreneurs across America in Ross’ Open Road program. And as our resident soccer aficionado, he’ll make sure we know the right players to heckle once we’re in the stadium in Sao Paulo. Prior to Ross, Chris consulted for large hospitals and healthcare systems in the Bay Area. A proud Bruin, he did his undergrad in sunny UCLA and will easily convince you his native California is where it’s at. Lit af, bro!

Natural habitat: a soccer stadium, or an artisanal tea shop in the Bay, or in a Moroccan airport interrogation holding cell trying to convince them his passport is real

Ask Chris about: Marketing for a direct-to-consumer brand, the trendiest streetwear and sneakers, the party culture at his former employer