Chris “Kelso” Kelly

Meet Ross’s colonial cultural connoisseur, Kelso, who brings a constant stream of sunshine to the gray wintry days of A2. Our beloved Commonwealth import (not to be confused with Harry, Duke of Sussex) is dapper, dashing, and delightful – bring him to any cocktail party and he’ll charm the pants off your friends, parents, and second cousins. Does this sound like a dating profile? It’s not intentional, it’s just organic. At Ross, you can find this chap doing entrepreneurial things on funds we’ve never heard of, tearing it up at  “footy” tournaments (watch those hammies bud!), and getting into Ubers on the wrong passenger side (of his best friend’s ride). Quite also one of the smartest people at Ross messing up the curve, he is a favorite among Marketing professors and known to validate a CAC formula or two in between final exam reviews. On MTrek, he’ll be the third one on the dance floor (because he’s probably too busy chatting with someone to notice the DJ), the last to leave the party, and the most peppy at the breakfast buffet in the AM, somehow unaffected by las babidas anoches.