Chris Monti

God of Exuberant Dancing – Christopher, often cited as “Monti” in the vast annals of Greek Mythology, is Zeus’s favorite child…despite what myths you may have heard about Hercules. From banding together a vast crowd of hundreds of Croatians to chant the Michigan Fight Song to bringing down the house with his moves to “Jatt Ho Giya Sharabee” at Ross’s annual Diwali Festival, Monti has been making his immortal dad proud. Over the ages, Monti has garnered a wealth of experiences off the dance floor as well. He was a Special Operations Pilot for the U.S. Air Force before joining the ranks of graduates at the University of Michigan, where he is pursuing not 1…but 2 degrees (MBA/MS)! He has a strong passion for Finance and chose to try mortal life by interning with Pepsi Corp Finance this summer.