Christina Fox

Christina “Lil’ Fox” Fox has always been a late bloomer. From refusing to give up the stroller as a kindergartner to taking a victory lap senior year of college, it’s no surprise Christina is still partying like a freshman frat boy. Strategically choosing to live behind the MBA frat house, it’s clear she’s never late to one thing and that’s the party. A hoarder of fox animal paraphernalia, she can be found passed out in fox pajamas and sleepmask every post-Skeeps Friday morning. Affectionally known to some as the “chatterfox”, Christina is a woman of many words, cackling at her own jokes, asking inappropriate questions, and telling you how much she loves (or hates) you. While there’s a more serious side to this Cali girl, you won’t be seeing it on this trek. Post-banking internship, all Christina wants is to make up for lost fun-time.