Christine “xtina” Nelson

Meet Christine, our former sparty who hails from the great state of Michigan and has converted from the dark side to root for the good guys. Christine may tell you that she still bleeds green, but these days she’s referring to the dolla dolla bills she carries around in case of an impromptu visit to one of her favorite establishments, the strip club. Known to carry around bottles of red wine and nips from 7/11 (that she sneaks into the Big House in mass quantities on game days), Christine is prepared for any and all party situations. You may want to brush up on your Spanish real quick, because after a few glasses of vino Christine will solamente habla espanol. And if you are feeling hungry late night take a look in Christine’s purse because you may find that piece of bread or grilled cheese sandwich (yes this has happened) that you are craving. But real talk, Christine is one of funniest chicks in Ann Arbor so one thing is for certain – you’ll be laughing for 10 straight days with this Michigander as your MTrek leader.