Cici Pandol – VP of Hangover Recovery

Hailing all the way from Bakersfield, CA (the Istanbul of Southern California) this East Coast transplant is as sweet as her family farm’s cotton candy grapes. After majoring in “leadership studies” (a real thing? maybe?) at the University of Richmond, Cici took on NYC, where she worked at siggi’s. She’s taking her talents to the Bay Area this summer for a brand management internship, where she’ll definitely be doing enough outdoor activities to make you feel bad about yourself. This marketing guru might’ve taken a hiatus from going out pre-Ross because she was busy training for marathons or something, but party Cici is back with a vengeance and rumor has it she’s never missed a Thursday Skeeps. That said, her uncanny ability to know when it’s time to go home sets her apart from the rest of us and means that you might have a shot at making it out of this MTrek alive. When she’s not posting IG Stories of her cat Natalie, Section 4’s “Official Hype Man” can be found giving GroupMe pep talks, heating up the dance floor, or downing beers like they’re water. She’ll be the one to make sure you’re hydrating responsibly (with double vodka sodas).