Claire Yee

Here comes trouble and make it double! A double shot, that is… pickleback, served up by the biggest instigator Ross has to offer, Claire “Yeezy” Yee. Mariah Carey ain’t got nothin on this Risky Business diva. She’s the voice of a generation. This generation to be precise. Queen Elizabeth once called her sweet melodic trill “inspirational” and even asked Claire to perform at her Diamond Jubilee! When she’s not crushing it on stage, she’s leading the #RossFitFam at the gym. But just between us squirrel friends, she’d be sweating profusely after one squat and asking about when we can go to BTB (an Ann Arbor institution!) for burritos. While she will be most likely to scold you for not finishing your meal, she is one boss-ass lady: star on stage, Story Lab LEGEND, and future Googler.