Colleen Hill

Colleen was born and bred in Los Angeles and attended UCLA, the finest educational institution in LA, for undergrad, where she, surprisingly, joined a sorority. Before Ross, she worked as Director of Operations at Veritas Prep, where she created a program that hooked Leo up with a free prep course and got him into Ross (he thanks her for this at least once a month). She loves yoga and hanging out with her dog when she’s not doing boss things at Ross on MBA Council, putting on dope tailgates as part of BUS Management, and changing the world for the better in Net Impact. She’s eager to make some monkey friends in Ubud, enjoy some cheap massages after a surf sesh, and hang out with everyone at Potato Head Beach Club!

Likes: Burritos, elephants, peeking at Christmas packages
Dislikes: Heights, crickets, USC (naturally)