Collin “Thunder from Down Under” Knauss

No, Collin isn’t really from Australia, but when he randomly slips into an Australian accent at the bar, you’ll wonder if he’s actually the good kid from DC he says he is! An air of mystery surrounds Collin: was he a semi-professional soccer player? Where did he get those thunder thighs? And how does he make it clap with no hands? Some questions are better left to the imagination, but we do know that Collin has a heart of gold. He’s a dual-degree Erb student with School for Environment and Sustainability, and prior to Ross he worked for the National Park Trust developing youth environmental education programs! We can only assume he was making friends with mama bears and wrestling crocs like the real Dundee! Crikey! At Ross, Collin is the Co-President of Detroit R&B, a club dedicated to professional and community service projects across Detroit.

Natural habitat: loin-clothed in the wild

Ask him about: Careers in sustainability, local education and Detroit revitalization, the owls in Colorado