Connor Nolan

Whether working the dance floor while dressed as a roller coaster for Halloween (extra surface area required!), trekking up glaciers (in shorts!) with an ice axe in tow, or “tolerating” his fraternity neighbors in Ann Arbor, Connor brings his “ride it out” tagline and infectious humor everywhere he goes. Originally from New York but with Portuguese roots, this NESCAC graduate is a recovering consultant. In Ann Arbor, Connor can typically be found at Circus or making late night Quickie Burger pit-stops. As our resident Follies writer and comedian, he will be sure to have us laughing our way through Peru. Affectionately referred to as “Dad,” he’ll keep a safe eye on everyone from the back of the hike– but only because he’s looking out for others and by NO MEANS is the least athletic of the group. Connor will have your back from Lima, to Cusco, and back to Ann Arbor.