Courtney Dunn

Courtney is just a simple Texan trying to explore the world and have fun doing it. If you speak to her long enough you can hear her country accent come out. Before Ross she worked on oil rigs, so she also curses like Frances McDormand in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”. But don’t worry, she can turn it off, because she’s also the co-president of Michigan Business Women (MBW).

Courtney will be spending the summer in NYC as an investment banker so she’s ready to “par-tay” hard (and sleep harder). If there’s a day she’s not dancing and/or drinking, she’s probably having a really (insert curse word adjective) bad day. By the way, Courtney’s Spanish is “mucho terible”, but she’s managed to vacation in Costa Rica and Colombia in 2018 just fine.