Cristóbal Cevallos

Cristóbal Cevallos is not the hero you may want, but he is the hero that you need. Born in the land of mariachi music and tequila (in case that wasn’t enough for you, he was born in Guadalajara, Mexico). If you were watching the Oscars you would also know that this is the birthplace of a famous film director, whose name was not Cristóbal but is quite close. This dashing young man with hot curls for hair and a radio broadcaster knock-off-your-socks voice and smile will crush any and every activity out there with the philosophy of “”work hard, play hard””, simultaneously updating his LinkedIn profile, creating his new DJ playlist, bowling a perfect strike, playing AoE2 (it’s a video game, look it up!), and shotgunning Malaysian beer while doing a handstand and listening to your favorite EDM station. Every hero has his achilles heel, and Cristóbal has his. He has been afraid of clowns ever since he was a young lad, and cannot eat any food without good salsa. Speaking of salsa… Cristóbal has terribly refined taste (aka he is a very picky eater), and will not eat any foods that have mayo, dairy, or avocado on it… though he may have recently changed his mind about avocados. Cristóbal’s Mexico and USA ventures have been so successful that he has even been invited to aid other countries – for example, when he lived in Beijing in the year 2007 he once appeared in a Chinese TV ad, increasing their revenues by 1000000% percent (the revenue increase may have been a rough estimate).