Dan Beckwith

Hailing originally from Connecticut, Dan has always enjoyed putting himself in uncomfortable situations, being the only Jew at Villanova and the only student at Ross who is averse to waking up before noon. He spent the majority of his pre b-school years working in finance in New York City, where he spent most of his income on Marine Layer clothing. Part of the reason for such excessive spending is his inability to do laundry… or accomplish many of the other basic skills acquired in childhood. In fact, he recently had to ask Mike how to operate a stove. Though he may not be a master chef, Dan is nevertheless a hard-core foodie and fully embraces the dining scenes in NYC and Ann Arbor. He is also an experienced traveler with a knack for planning killer trips, and M.I.A. will be no different. At Ross, Dan is a proud leader for the Michigan Business Students Association (think: Skeeps and tailgates) and the Adam Smith Society (think: capitalism), and after school, he is excited leverage his hedge fund background and creative mindset to work in strategy in the emerging fintech space.