Dana Yerace

One of the “chosen ones” imbued with rage powers by the No-No Zone, Dana is a force to be reckoned with. An Ann Arbor local, Dana rebelled against her Michigan roots looking for southern roosters. She found her niche as a SC Gamecock. Inspiring the creation of Firefly Sweet Tea™ by mistaking vodka for water, Dana would eventually lose the patent law suit and move onto other pursuits. Recruited as a covert government agent due to her “powers”, Dana’s innocuous job of “managing defense contracts” was a cover for training. Dana pulled a Bourne leading to serious inquiries into government programs. She is known for two unmistakable identifiers: one, her ability to sleep anywhere, including coach bus restrooms, i.e. MBA Formal 2016, and two, her unique laughter. As an original Mystery Treker Dana takes pride in making sure this upcoming trip into the No-No Zone is the best one yet. She is committed to setting records in this journey. Having been one of the few people to survive an expedition to the No-No Zone, can Dana let go of her past to succeed this time?