Daniel Manore

Taking interest in the pirate life, young Daniel Manore explored many ways of breaking into that the biz and finding his “booty.” Failing miserably, he had to settle on the Coast Guard Academy. Due to a tragic/freak accident involving drinking, brisket, live miniature horses, and social media Daniel had let go of his Coast Guard career. Seeking to correct his ways Daniel sought refuge in the Tauber Institute for Global Operations, a place where he could be anonymous and hide from his past. On his way to Ross, Dan lived it up in last year’s Portugal MTrek where he suffered massive hangovers, filming risqué videos later used as blackmail, and going AWOL from his trek (there is still a 4 hour window from 430-830AM on August 29th, 2015 where his whereabouts are unknown). Settling at Ross his life changed when he discovered the No-No Zone. In a brief moment of clarity, in a world muddled by envy, avarice, and Fireball Whiskey ™ Dan saw a glimpse of the No-No Zone. A bountiful land where he could find acceptance, behave irresponsibly, and finally attain booty. Assembling a crack team of degenerates, Dan has charted a course to the No-No Zone. While some think of the zone as a state of mind, Dan is bent on finding its physical location. Do you want to help Dan live out his lifelong dream and acquire unfathomable fortunes (and booty) or do you just want to go on any ordinary MTrek?