Dave Auffenberg

Ever wondered what happens when you dip wonderbread into milk? Wonder no more. Originally from St. Louis, Dave has been incognito on the west coast for the last few years working at Eventbrite, using his Allbirds, penchant for golf, and job in tech to throw people off his tracks. But now, back in his natural mid-western habitat, Dave has rekindled his love for a neatly pleated slack and is not just surviving but thriving. When he’s not gearing up for Taco Tuesday, playing all sports ball-and-stick related, or crushing pitchers of long-island iced teas at Skeeps (he says it’s Bud Lite but we all know he’s lying), Dave is running point as part of the Exec Boards for Ski Club, Consulting Club, and is President of the little known or cared about Sports Business Association. More importantly though, on a scale from 1-10, how much do you love naps? For Dave, the limit does not exist. Having napped his way through the entire country of Norway, Dave is ready to take his ability to waste a beautiful view to the next level in South Africa. If you want to nap adjacent to elephants and lions, and wake up ready to rage with some ‘ronas in Capetown, Dave is the leader for you.

Likes: Taco Tuesday, Brightly colored polo shirts, Skiing, Country music

No-no zone: Staying awake on a moving vehicle