David Gibbs

What can be said about David Gibbs? Not much. But in the interest of making this profile work we’ll get going. Early in his life David would feel the higher calling of Michigan and the No-No Zone. He adores Tom Brady and tried to follow in his footsteps. However, his parents forbade him from coming to Michigan so he settled for Tufts instead. After all he is a fan of all things Jumbo. At Tufts, David developed a myriad of skills including booting and rallying, beer pong, Tinder, and on the rare occasion academics. As a semi-finalist in this year’s Leadership Crisis Challenge, one would think David developed poise, finesse, and persuasion at Tufts. Sadly, that not the case. However, getting by on a “Dad Bod” David uses his sex appeal to gain his way. Years after graduating, his desire to attend Michigan lingered. Divinely inspired by the No-No Zone David saw the light. He would apply to business school in hopes of coming to Michigan. His plan worked, but is he ready for the peril of the No-No Zone? Only time will tell.