David Kuntzman

David “Kuntzy” Kuntzman, a want-to-be New Yorker from Stamford, CT with terrible taste in sports teams, is a proud graduate of Colgate University, where he graduated with a degree in what one can only assume was Toothpaste Studies. Prior to Ross, David worked as an Operations AVP at Citigroup, graced the cover of the NY Times Sports section, AND ate a pigeon in Taiwan. When he’s not serving as a member of the BUS Management team, a VP of the Sports Business Association, or President of the Wine Club, you can most likely find David playing sports, pwning n00bs in Call of Duty, or exhibiting his vast repertoire of “amazing” dance moves at Necto. He’s looking forward to an awesome trip to Bali, with plenty of beers, beaches, and monkeys to go around!

Likes: Potatoes (especially in their fried and mashed forms), Model UN, binge watching TV shows
Dislikes: Winning sports franchises, being surprised, not dancing