Devan Gandhi and Heather Gandhi



Hometown: Detroit
Favorite Band/Artist: Led Zeppelin… maybe James Brown
Favorite Movie: Goodfellas… or Dumb and Dumber, can’t decide
Why you want to hang out with me: I believe there is more life to be lived than time to do it in, so I’m pretty much always down for an adventure – and finding the fastest path to actually doing it.  Also we can talk about business or life in Ann Arbor or make fun of Demundo
Weirdest Quirk about my partner: She has the uncanny ability to simultaneously keep our apartment incredibly clean, and also hide all of my stuff… not sure how
Hidden Talent: I can tell you what that place in Ann Arbor used to be (I did my undergrad at Michigan too, Go Blue!)
Perfect MTrek Day: Good local breakfast, walk around a town, stop for lunch somewhere weird, eat too much, go ride a camel or something, hang with the wife for like Maybe 10 minutes, hang in a lobby with the team, roll out to a crazy dinner, then local nightlife
Favorite thing about Ross: The people.  Not a cheesy cliché, the Ross Community is the real deal


Hometown: Armada, MI
Favorite Band/Artist: Justin Timberlake
Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde
Favorite Book: No favorite book, favorite author Mary Kubica
Why you want to hang out with me: I’m friendly and I’m not an MBA – So we don’t have to talk about school, but I hear I’m a good listener
Weirdest Quirk about my partner: If he hears a song, he’ll go on a tangent for at least 20 mins
Hidden Talent: Ruining almost all meals I try and cook
Perfect MTrek Day: Sightseeing along with a nice, yummy dinner with friends
Favorite thing about Ross: The community, you always feel welcomed