Dhruv Dhawan

Dhruv is from LA LA land, and although he loves the sun he has embraced life as a true Michigander. He moved to India at a young age and returned to Cali for college. Prior to Ross, he got the life sucked out of him doing public accounting, causing him to switch to a marketing role at a company that helps people go to the bathroom–true passion right there. Travel is another passion of his and he’s also started a business at Ross–he’s a business…man.

On MTrek you will find me: Trying to boost morale, being groovy on the dance floor, and enjoying delicious food with the group… or at a kebab shop at 5am with the #5AMCrew.

If I were a drink I would be: Jack & Coke because it gives you a great buzzzzz–que [section] three hive–and its tall, dark, and handsome.

Day drinking or night drinking: Night drinking when it’s dark out, and day drinking when it’s light out. I like to keep it simple

Fun fact: Dhruv was a contestant on the Price is Right during his junior year of college. He didn’t win, but got 3 minutes of fame in LA LA land.