Diocelyn Batista Rijo

Diocelyn (aka Dio) is not only the best leftover from the class of 2018, but has earned a reputation as a catalyst for questionable decision making and uninhibited lituations. Originally from the Dominican Republic, this spicy New York Latino, hails from an education/non-profit background where he learned how to be a badass with a budget and carry a flask discretely. He attended Vanderbilt University where he discovered his love for raging and became an expert in nothing that could help him get through MBA1. He came to Ross to become an Erber, learn how business can save the world, and compensate for a life long struggle with lavish consumerism and Amazon prime addiction. While at B-school, Dio has dedicated himself to helping admissions recruit the best Rossers, presiding over section turn-ups, and attempting to enrich his personal brand through his Instagram stories. Dio has never been on MTrek but unknowingly crashed Mark and Alexa’s Cambodia MTrek last year and was hooked on its debauchery and strong bonds. He has vowed to ensure that M.I.A. feels just as welcoming and just as lit.