Don “Black Balzam Blizzard” Borschel

Naturally, your parents might be concerned with your safety as you venture abroad. But with the protection of the Black Balsam Blizzard – you can tell them that, You. Are. Safe. (His Long Lost Latvian Fam, above, can confirm after he checked in on them during our last MTrek). His tall stature will intimidate any intruder and he’ll leverage his ex-consultant genius brain to strategize and solutionize you away from harm. On his free time, the BBB enjoys grabbing a beer (okay multiple beers) and cheering on the [insert any Chicago sports team]. Unfortunately, every Achilles has a heel. Donnie limped his way through MBA1 as he suffered a knee injury from his mad dance moves at the BUS…or was it Skeeps? But don’t worry boys and girls, this is the summer of BBB 2.0. With his new knee and attitude, he’ll be up for anything – even if it means dancing to and singing a Miley Cyrus duet with you at 2 AM that may or may not get you kicked out of a karaoke bar in Europe.