Doreen Yeung

Born and raised on Strong Island from the town of Hills of Dixs, Doreen is definitely our most fashionable leader. While we’re all out here reliving that college life in our leggings, joggers, and abrasively maize T-shirts we got for free from the Sanger Leadership Center (don’t worry you will too soon have a collection), Doreen is a breath of fresh air in her all black outfits. If she likes you, maybe she’ll let you borrow one of her awesome hats (there’s a La Croix one). Consult with her before buying any South African garb. When she’s not stylin’ at Ross, you can find her making bomb ass ramen or baking GIANT Levain cookies in her apartment on those cold winter days, even though she didn’t have an oven growing up. A reality TV addict, Doreen may turn the trip into one of her favorite shows (let’s just hope it’s The Amazing Race and not Naked and Afraid).