Drew Dasilva

Drew is an east coast transplant who has dedicated his life to teaching Midwesterners what it means to have a cynical sense of humor. It hasn’t gone well… He’s known for sending calendar invites for just about anything, eating Korean food in immodest amounts, and an award-winning performance (see: Miss Winter Garden) in a bustier and red wig at MBgAy. If there’s one thing Drew is most excited for in life, it’s having kids so that he can embarrass them with his sub-par dad jokes.

After spending most of his livelihood in consulting, Drew decided to get one of those fancy degrees to pivot into marketing. He is the textbook definition of an open book – there’s pretty much nothing he won’t tell you if you ask (or even if you don’t). Rule of thumb: if you value your time, don’t ask where he’s from, he’ll give you some convoluted answer about being from Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Raleigh, DC, Baltimore, and coming to Ross from Philly. He’s your go-to guy for a boost of confidence on a bad day, or an aimless walk around an unfamiliar city on a free day…just be prepared to stop for carbs.