Dustin “Queen of the Dance Floor” Huibregtse

Capturing the infinite flair of Dustin in one paragraph has to be one of life’s greatest challenges! He’s the heartbeat and lifeblood of our trek and will make you laugh with a sultry look or a punchline that will have you rolling on the floor (speaking of floors, @ him on the dancefloor at Necto). Dustin hails from the frozen metropolis of Minneapolis, and we’re lucky to steal him from his home state after receiving his degree from University of Minnesota, becoming a seasoned Consultant at Deloitte Consulting in Minneapolis, and founding TEDxMinneapolis to bring powerful speakers to the Twin Cities. At Ross, Dustin puts his unique combination of LGBTQ pride, humor, and organizational skills to good use. He’s the VP of Events for Out For Business, Ross’ LGBTQ professional community, and he produces and directs two of Ross’ most memorable shows: MBgAy and the student-led comedy show, Ross Follies. He also proudly contributes to the Social Venture Fund and is an Open Road Fellow.

His natural habitat: dancefloor of a nightclub with speakers blasting into the early morning

Ask him about: Healthcare and MedTech recruiting, meal prep and MBA wellness, SciFi, Moroccan dating apps