Elle “The Cool Mom” Masri

Is going to keep the wheels on this trip. A pro at managing multiple responsibilities at once she is not only getting her MBA but also working and traveling while she does it, can you say #Bossbetch. Elle can reliably be found with a glass of wine in her hand while knocking out an excel spreadsheet or mock interviewing future MBAs. The only thing that makes her happier than a glass of vino, is hanging with cute animals (her one request for the trip was baby elephants). If you manage to catch her at home in between jet-setting trips around the country, you can find her crushing the MBA game by day, dancing in clubs at night, and serving up gluten free quesadillas to drunk and hungry MBAs at the post-game. This daughter of a professional dancer had the misfortune of inheriting zero coordination or rhythm, so if you’re looking for someone to awkwardly dance with all mtrek long, Elle’s your girl. Don’t let her unassuming exterior fool you though; Elle has a wild side, she was once deported from the U.K. for reasons that she won’t disclose.