Emily Lucas

Hailing from Greensboro, NC, legend has it that she is the forbidden lovechild of a tornado and the God of Dance. (She gets her sense of direction from the tornado side) When she’s not beguiling poor souls with her eyes and hair flips on the dance floor at LIVE, she is educating people on GMOs, aspiring to be an astronaut, or probably just excitedly yelling at someone about something somewhere. Rumor has it that even Enthusiasm itself is jealous of how enthusiastic Lucas is about everything. This former Tar Heel plied her trade in digital marketing in HOTLANTA before Ross and is what we call “high-class with low-class tendencies” – a true Southern Belle. We have still yet to see her be “moderate” in anything – literally anything, so if you’re going to challenge her in something, you better be ready to back it up. Lucas found the hope of Imodium on her MTrek and can’t wait to share its magic with “y’all” (possibly her favorite word).