Emily & Mats Fagre


Hometown: Wheaton/Chicago, IL

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled To: Iceland-all of it! 

Ideal MTrek Day:  I like to start the day with a hearty breakfast and some good coffee. After breakfast, there’s some type of outdoor activity like hiking or kayaking or rafting for the rest of the morning. I love lunch, so after working up an appetite, I’ll hit up the most local, hole-in-the-wall  joint I can find. The afternoon is spent at a museum or perusing local shops for unique pottery (my greatest shopping weakness).  Before dinner, a dip in the pool (ideally rooftop) and shower help refresh me for the evening.  Dinner is also a local affair, but more of a nice, sit-down meal situation.  The night would end at a bar with some live music and maybe some ice cream. I really dig a funky international McFlurry flavor.

My Hidden Talent Is: Remembering every meal I’ve eaten over a span of several years

The movie about my life would be titled: Hypochondria: A Love Story

My partner would describe me as: A great cook, and unreliable navigator, and probably asleep


Hometown: Wayzata, Minnesota, with Los Angeles, Madison, and Chicago tied for 2nd.

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled To: Also Iceland. Loved Normandy, France as well.

Ideal MTrek Day: I wake up to find everyone is ready to go early to beat the crowds, because wasting half the day waiting in lines for things is my personal hell. We have a quick breakfast at an excellent local bakery, with some sweet and savory pastries before venturing out. We spend the morning walking around town, seeing cultural and historical sites, with no more than one art museum. We get outdoors in the afternoon, going hiking, biking, and/or kayaking for several hours, ideally somewhere idyllically pastoral or stunningly stark where we can reflect on the majesty of the natural world. We eat a late lunch of local fruits, bread, and cheese, while wildlife politely wanders by before heading home to lounge for a couple hours. Even though this day has already lasted 20 hours, we arrive before the dinner rush somewhere casual and local, with some good brews or wine. We find snacks later at an outdoor night market or get caught up in a raucous post-game soccer rally before heading home.

My Hidden Talent Is: Building IKEA furniture without the instructions.

The movie about my life would be titled: O Bother, Where Art Emily.

My partner would describe me as: An aspirational 19th Century Sea Captain