Emma Schneiderman

Emma is from LA but has spent the last 10 years on a swing state tour of the US (Ohio, Pennsylvania, and now Michigan, what are the chances).  Her LA roots only really come out when she lets it slip that she was an extra in an Oscar-winning film or that she’s been to the Red Carpet. Before Ross, she helped small businesses with their finances. She learned pivot tables by processing royalties for a hardcore music record label and FIFO inventory accounting by doing the books for a rad lady-owned butcher shop – definitely want first in first out on perishable meats (b school jokes, don’t worry, you’ll understand after Fall A)! She will tell you she is a vegetarian but you will absolutely find her chowing down on some Argentine steak (don’t let those pearly whites fool you). Emma studied Spanish for eight years, but always confuses the directional words so get excited to get lost have adventures!