Enrique Reyes

Enrique hails from northern Mexico (when he rolls his Rs, just swoon). After years of eating his mother’s chilaquiles and marketing baby formula, he decided to leave for the snowier pastures of Michigan, where he serves as sassy-b*ach at large, otherwise known as a Follies writer. This pop culture encyclopedia will make sure you check your RBF at the door. But don’t be thrown by his sassiness, deep deep deep down he is actually a nice person and will make sure you are having an awesome time. He speaks both Spanish (duh!) and French, so he’ll be our official haggler-in-chief. He doesn’t do shots (he is just weird that way) but he can definitely order some for you in Spanish. He also thinks he is Royale, which is why if anyone has a late night McDonald’s craving after raging (and you will), Enrique is your guy. For these and many more reasons, Enrique is not your basic beach!