Eric “The Bohner” Bohn

The team travel expert and member of MTrek board, Eric has done the least to actually plan this trip and missed every deadline he set. A Midwestern native, he loves all things corn, is unnecessarily friendly and enjoys the seasons.  A true renaissance man, he plays the cello, and has degrees in history and art history – nerd. But don’t let that make you think he’s better than you, Eric is a basic bitch to the core with his love of white claw, ugg slippers, and a sweetgreen salad. On the trip he will be a fountain of knowledge on all things Malaysia and Vietnam, and if he doesn’t know he will make something up that sounds 100% real. Noted for his epicurean tastes, Eric will make sure that we feast on the finest that South East Asia has to offer, from michelin starred to street meat he will have us covered. As a bonus, you’ll get the reward of Eric’s cooking for all MTrek reunion events (for real people the man is a chef!).