Erik & Karis Wolfe


Hidden talent: Predicting the weather to varying degrees of accuracy

Why you want to hang out with me: I am going to be extremely pumped up about each activity, and no matter how tired you are, we’re going to have a great time. No day is a bad day, because it could always be worse, right? I’m down for doing fitness at any time. On a cheesy note, I’m going to be pretty curious about you/your partner and really look forward to us getting to know each other well.

Favorite quirk about my partner: Her ability to drastically transition between being silly and serious…it keeps me on my toes.

Favorite animal: The squirrel. Around 2005 the wisdom of the squirrel was revealed to me, and I’ve been enamored ever since.


Hidden talent: For my size, I eat an enormous amount. I really love food, and I take the clean plate club very seriously.

Why you want to hang out with me: I will always laugh at your jokes! I’m told it’s good for self-esteem. I’m also a great travel buddy because you’ll get a little extra leg room, and I always have snacks on hand. I love exploring cities, so find me to wander the walkable streets of the Balkans.

Favorite quirk about my partner: His pure child-like joy for all things squirrel related mixed with his old-soul love for philosophy