Erin Kelley aka “RED”

Born in Palo Alto, in the craze of Silicon Valley, she escaped to the East Coast where she became a pharmaceutical guru in Boston. Her Boston-bred impatience, brutal honesty and fiery attitude is here to stay, people. During MTrek, win her over by showing up on time to our activities. Show up late and risk seeing her face turn the fire-red color of her hair. Erin’s also not keen on loud-talkers, especially those who talk over the TV during Bachelor Monday’s. Mitch found out the hard way as he yelled at Colton with a mouthful of Erin’s snacks. She now insists on subtitles, and we can’t blame her – she walked away as MBAchelor league champion (thank you Cassie.) Don’t let the airpods fool you, this ex-crossfitter can still squat more than JMO’s comically weak stilt-like legs. When she’s not recruiting healthcare club members, she enjoys (several) old-fashioneds at local cocktail bars. As we say, whiskey makes her frisky! As the apparent purveyor of Korean beauty trends (it’s a new thing, we’re not sure where it came from either), don’t be surprised if she convinces you to ice roll your face with her after a night of drinking. If it works, we fully endorse this behavior and will probably try it too because FOMO is not FO US.