Erin “The human compass” Olander

Meet Erin, our geographically and vertically challenged leader. Don’t let the 5’2 frame fool you, Ms. Olander will be a big presence in the Caribbean. Erin is beautiful, smart and annoyingly funny. But, she combines that with believing that being born into a particular astrological sign has an impact on your personality, so the first three aforementioned characteristics get cancelled out by proxy. When she’s not helping companies reach unicorn status, you can probably find this New Jersey native complaining that brunch isn’t a real meal (we know.. she’s weird).  This self proclaimed Harry Potter nerd will not be looking for her Ginny Weasley on the Trek but if you want any chance of securing some personal time with the “Chosen One”, we have heard she likes the odd butterbeer and the disgraceful Espresso Royale. In the summer, Erin has decided to take her talents to Strategy& in the Big Apple. She claims to have made the decision based on career ambitions, but we all know she just wants 10 weeks to argue with New Yorkers about their state’s inferior bagels. Having Erin as your MTrek leader may result in a few extra miles walked but any journey with this little ray of sunshine is not one to miss.