Fernando Rodriguez & Paula Prieto


I am from California and love dancing. Ann Arbor has been great and I have been enjoying all the great food out here, almost as good as Los Angeles! I went to USC so it feels like I am cheating on USC when I cheer for Michigan at the football games.

How would my partner describe me? He would say that I am an English Bulldog at heart. When I am not busy working, I love to relax and just hangout. He would also probably say that I love shopping too much, I am a Kate Spade fanatic!
If I were a drink, I would be: Pina Colada. Beaches and Pina Coladas were made for me.
My perfect MTrek Day: Gotta start with a great breakfast, and then take in some culture, followed by drinks on the beach, and finding time for a nap in a hammock. Then finish the night off with a fun night out of dancing and drinking.


I am one of the biggest sports fans you will meet at Ross! Highlight of the year was taking in a football game in the front row with your fellow MTrek leader, Tim Chick!

How would my partner describe me? She would say I have way too much energy, and study too much. She would probably say I am like the Dos Equis man, I don’t always party…but when I do… it is always a good time if you are partying with me! She would also probably say I watch way too much ESPN.
If I were a drink, I would be: A shot of Fireball. Straight to the point and ready to get the party started.
My perfect MTrek Day: Waking up and having an awesome group breakfast, followed by getting ready to go out and doing something adventurous. Then after cheating death, coming back to the hotel and bonding over a couple cold ones. After that, I would enjoy hanging out in a pool or Jacuzzi and getting ready for an awesome dinner and night on the town. At the end of the perfect day, I would have made memories and started building new friendships.