Flavia Talhacolo

With a large experience as an Carnival Parade Operations Manager in Rio and as Co-President of the Dance Club, Flavia Talhacolo ensures that FYRE FEST 2.0 edition will maintain the SAME standards as the 1.0 edition. During Mtrek, this “Ipanema Beach” girl won’t let the crew give up on any beach/lazy/drinking activity.

Flavia came to U of M after a big misunderstanding of US temperature metrics, so be prepared to be convinced by her to go to Brazil or any other warm place during winter. At Ross, Flavia balances her time being active as Event VP of BRASA Club (think: Barbecue & Latin Vibes parties), complaining about the lack of CrossFit gyms in Downtown, and continuously trying to get on time to 8 am classes. After graduation, Flavia hopefully intends to find a way to pay her loans.